Crafting a life might be the ultimate creative project.

Coaching for Performers

Craft a Life

Coaching is designed by you to support your creative life. Coaching is primarily self-guided. You are accustomed to making careful choices in your work life. Coaching asks that you draw upon that ability to craft decisions and actions in the rest of your life. Design an award winning human existence, according to you.

Working with a coach is familiar in performance professions: with actors, dancers, musicians, chefs or comedians. Performers stagnate without a weekly class or some regular practice.

They put themselves on the line regularly. Their success is built as they make good choices in a moment, sometimes a millisecond.  A note is pure, an expression genuine, a taste sublime. Their ongoing practice enables them to make good choices when they don’t have time to think.

How Coaching Works: My preference/recommendation is that you meet with a coach every week. In that way your commitment to yourself takes on a steady rhythm. Coaching with that regularity establishes and exercises lifelong habits. You build skills that are often neglected in formal education. These are lifelong skills: decision making, reflection, communication and self-knowledge.


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