Crafting a life might be the ultimate creative project.

Coaching for Gig Workers

Craft a Life

Gig workers comprise a large percentage of the post internet population. The name comes from jazz musicians who played their horns and strings in pickup bands, job to job, like an hourly worker but without steady hours.

Gig workers like variety, they like freedom, they want to make their own choices about how they use their time and energy. They don’t want to punch a clock or be confined by rules and routines.

There are costs to this gypsy life. There may be as many ten hour days as there are normal eight hour days. And weekends aren’t the time off that they are in the regular job world.

My gig work was that of an itinerant trainer, like a farm worker. I traveled to the crop (in my case students) and when they were done, I moved on to the next location. I had different employers, and different length gigs. I got on airplanes eight or ten times a year to fly across the ocean.

I had to make up my job every time I looked at the calendar, or booked flights, or planned or tweaked a course. It was exhausting… and exhilarating. If I could go back in time, and pick any job in the world, I would choose just what I did then, and with reinvention what I do now.

Coaching is ideal for gig workers because: 1- it is designed by you. You are the only one who knows what kind of support you need as you craft a creative professional life. 2- it is all about choice, about choosing consciously. In your coaching sessions, you treat yourself to thinking time. You articulate confusion until it turns to clarity.

Gig work requires that you make decisions constantly about time and energy. How long will this task take, how energizing or tiring will the work be? Each job either feeds or deplete you, most are a mix.

How Coaching Works

My preference/recommendation is that you meet with a coach every week. In that way your commitment to yourself takes on a steady rhythm. Coaching with that regularity establishes and exercises lifelong habits.

Unfortunately, I am not doing weekly coaching at the moment. To find a coach, you can use the ICF website, look at “find a coach” and set search criteria. Or contact one of our affiliates to find a coach with training from Aligned Action.

I work with a few individuals for six month blocks of time, twice a month (every other week.) My prices and policies are here.

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