What do you want to teach?

How, when, where will you take your show on the road?

Trainer Training

If you train, you perform. You craft an experience for an audience. As a teacher/trainer, you are involved in a process. You do your research; you make a plan; you write a script.

You may have a detailed schedule, or just an outline. In some way you have prepared. You are ready to perform, to serve your audience.

While teaching, you may change the script mid-scene. You improvise based on subtle feedback. The reviews from one show help you refine for the next performance. You perfect your timing.

This course explores how you orchestrate your “dog and pony show”, before, during and after the event.  It is being planned with Tim Hallbom and Suzi Smith for 2015? 2016? Watch for it on Tim’s website www.nlpca.com.