Take a moment for yourself. Use your brain as free entertainment.

About This Site

What’s the point? What’s the purpose?

I want this website to give you a place to take a moment for yourself, a chance to use your brain as free entertainment. You could read a story (a five minute jaunt) or watch a quick video, or take a stroll through a daydream workout, with no direct purpose other than giving yourself time to think.

For myself, I want to send content out into the ozone and see what happens to it. The exercises and stories you’ll find here have evolved through years of use, so I invite you to evolve them some more. Revise them to suit your purpose.

My hope is that these exercises and stories might (if we’re both lucky) spark an evolutionary thought in your mind. I have no idea what that thought will be. But the most extraordinary things often start with a daydream. What if…?

Jan Elfline

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