We weave a myth of identity with our stories. Here are some of Jan’s.

About Jan Elfline

If you think I am the magician in this illustration, you are mistaken. I’m the audience. In classrooms, and in meetings by phone or computer, people turn lumps of thought into gold like modern-day alchemists. They pull rabbits out of hats, and I get to watch them do it. Growth is magic.

Our inborn human creativity has fascinated me as long as I can remember. I continue to puzzle over related questions: How does a person craft an idea into something physical? Can a person learn to be inventive? How? What sparks creativity? What happens between the mind of an “author” and a finished musical composition, building, new technology, manuscript, or theatre production?

Jan’s backstory– In my days as a student, my strongest curiosity was at an improbable intersection — mathematics, engineering and art. I brought these together as a glassblower, studying with Joel Phillip Myers, earning a Master of Science degree. My formal education had grown to BSMS.

I was lucky and received a fellowship from the J Paul Getty Trust for my doctoral research. BSMSEdD.  Ten years in academia followed, teaching artists at Illinois State University. In 1989 I married (MRS) Drake Zimmerman. In 1993 I left my job to be a coach.  In 1998 I reached Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. (BSMSEdD and now MCC).

May, 2013 marked 20 years of a solo coaching and training business.  Not that any of my work has been solo…. Most recently I am supported by technology which takes me from Singapore to Beijing to Copenhagen in a single day. In addition, I get to sleep in my own bed at night. From 1995 to 2012, I taught seminars in person in businesses and at private institutes in North America, Europe and Asia. Beginning in 2013, after 15 years of crossing oceans, I have moved my classroom closer to home. I teach in-person in Bloomington, Illinois, by arrangement and at Starved Rock State Park (a beautiful setting one hour away) for open courses.

I live in the countryside on a 36-acre property that came with an appropriate name, Hopewell.  My husband (and the delight of my life) Drake Zimmerman, keeps bees, hunts fossils, feeds birds and makes sculpture when he is not coaching people about how to have a healthy relationship with their money.