We seem to craft life incrementally, minute by minute, thought by thought, choice by choice. With coaching, you notice and shape how your life is adding up. It is the simple yet profound process of craftsmanship.

Why Coaching?

Because minutes turn into decades.

Each of us is a speck in geologic time; we animate for a century if we are lucky. We collect objects and experiences. We wake, sleep, eat, laugh, cry. We craft a lifetime bit by bit, one skill, one experience, one thought at a time.

If that level of incrementalism interests you, read on. If not, click to the next thing. That’s creativity too, twists & turns. Still here?

We seek out our own ideal versions of food, clothing and shelter. We succeed. We fail. We adjust. We live. We create.

Our action or inaction shapes our minutes, days and weeks. Coaching sets aside time and space for you to craft the incremental process that is life.

Stop to answer this for yourself: What is the one thing you would like to make real in the world before you exit? (Sorry, I tried, but it is hard to put this politely. Yes, by exit I mean die. Dust to dust and all that.)

Your “thing” may be improbable, as many aspirations are. Improbable or not, answer the question. What one thing?

Now, consider how incremental actions will build up over weeks and months and years and decades to bring this vision into being.

How coaching works: My preference/recommendation is that you meet with a coach every week. In that way your commitment to yourself takes on a steady rhythm. Coaching with that regularity establishes and exercises lifelong habits. You build skills that are often neglected in formal education. These are the lifelong skills needed for decision making, reflection, and self-knowledge.

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