I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved quotes. Maybe it’s their compactness. Many of them carry meaning and create an atmosphere in the way a haiku does, but without the complex rules.

Q Cards: Quotes and Questions

Quotes speak to enduring values and beliefs. They inspire us to create a best version of ourselves. They help us realize we’re not alone in our struggles. They speak to the experience of being human.

I originally created these cards to use when I teach. I would choose a quote to start or end the day, or to enrich a concept, or to set up an exercise. Sometimes we would pull a card out at random at the end of the day and just let the quote and the questions steep, like tea, overnight. I was both surprised and not surprised at how often people would say that a particular quote was written precisely for them. 

However you choose to use them, enjoy!

Jan Elfline’s Q Cards are a ‘must have’ for any manager. They can be used in a number of different ways. I have used them as a daily inspiration; in the morning I would randomly pick a card then keep it front and centre in my mind all day.  

At least once a week, I would write a quote and the question on a large piece of paper and stick it on the outside of my office door, sparking numerous debates with my colleagues in the process. I would also use the cards in meetings with my team – we would pick a card and explore how the quote and questions related to the challenges of our daily work. The cards always helped bring new thinking to our toughest problems.

Jacqui Alexander, London

These Q cards seem and feel like a magic fortune teller’s tool. They invite insights about our deeper self, help us unravel our own truths, guide us through our dilemmas and invite us to tune into our other than conscious knowing. They are an invaluable asset when I teach coaching as well as when I partner with both individuals and teams in various coaching and training settings.

Veselka Tsocheva – Donkova, Bulgaria
Jan Elfline

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