We take a thoughtful approach to action, taking action not for its own sake, but only when it is aligned with who we are and what we want for the world.

Aligned Action International

Overview and history of Aligned Action International

I taught my first three-day classes on the topic of personal and professional coaching in 1998 in Chicago, Hong Kong, and Copenhagen. In this year I was initiated into what would be my life full time for the next 15 years. In 2012, I went through all the manuals and classroom exercises from the years of projects. The best of the best made it into the Aligned Action International coach training program, which was accredited by the International Coach Federation at the ACTP (highest) level in 2013.

I show up on Skype from time to time, but the Aligned Action courses are now taught by colleagues in the US, England, Mexico, Denmark, Bulgaria and Serbia. The contact information for each of those locations is listed here.

To find schedules and prices, and learn other details about Aligned Action courses, contact one of the local sponsors.

The Aligned Action International Accredited Coach Training Program (ICF ACTP)* is a comprehensive coach training course that prepares the student to enter the profession as a certified coach.

It is also sought out by individuals who want to learn coaching skills at a professional level, then utilize those skills in a career other than coaching. These students come from diverse professions in roles as managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, educators and artists.

Our models and perspectives center on self-leadership.  Choice and Responsibility are recurring themes. The classroom experience is primarily hands-on, and individual exercises stress different ICF core competencies.

Our philosophy:

Too often we try to bully ourselves to stir up motivation for what we brand as “good for us.” Aligned Action coaching asks that the client (and coach) move from a mindset of self control or self management to one of self leadership. With this shift, life takes on a richer quality of choice and a profound sense of freedom.

We take a thoughtful approach to action, taking action not for its own sake, but only when it is aligned with who we are and what we want for the world.

Completion of the entire program typically takes one to two years, but the experience and mentoring hours (after the classroom training) are self-paced, so the student determines the timeline. The “fastest” graduate completed in 10 months from the start of class to an Aligned Action International ACTP diploma, followed by ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC).

The full classroom part of the course is available in person in Shanghai, China and Guadalajara, Mexico, and 60 hours of the course are available in Denmark. Download the ICF required “fine print” for this program here.

*International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training Program. The ICF is the largest professional organization for coaches, with over 10,000 certified coaches worldwide. They conducts rigorous assessment criteria for programs, and an ACTP program is set at the highest of the three standards for their coach training accreditation. See www.coachfederation.org for more information.

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