At Hopewell, I’m reminded that the deer don’t know it’s Tuesday.

The sycamore trees don’t have appointments to keep.

About Hopewell

When I traveled for work, Bloomington, Illinois was the stop that let me breathe and regroup. For over 20 years, this property (it came with the name Hopewell, which we embraced) has been home to bees and wildlife and gardens and quiet.

Now Hopewell is the site of all in-person team meetings and individual retreats. A maximum of ten retreat/days are available at Hopewell each calendar year.

The cost per day is $1500 (USD), $900 per half day. For more information, or to schedule time, call +1 309 378 2212.

Hopewell is located near Bloomington, Illinois (about halfway between Chicago and St. Louis) on 36 acres of woodland and meadow.

The Central Illinois Regional Airport (BMI) has daily flights from major hubs (Chicago, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Denver) on American, Delta and Frontier airlines.

Jan Elfline

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