Make a map; use lines, shapes, colors and textures. Listen as it whispers its secrets to you. Follow your map as it leads to your own personal treasure.

Visual Coaching

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Next in-person residential course Autumn 2020      

Visual coaching takes us away from words, at least briefly. Our alternate vocabulary is made up of lines, shapes, colors, textures, light and dark.

Nouns, verbs and adjectives build stories, but visual elements may hold even greater power to communicate. Many people choose coaching because they want to set aside time to be deeply honest with themselves. They want to assess, build upon strengths, and recognize gaps in their abilities. They want to grow, personally and professionally.

When we use lines and shapes, we are often deeply truthful, even without knowing it. Our doodles surprise us. There can be wisdom, perspective, and humor in the visual representations of our inner worlds.

Here is a sample taken from the 20+ tools you will explore in the course:
Visual Coaching Sampler

When and Where and How Much: Every other year (alternating with Actor for Life) the 3-day residential seminar is held at Starved Rock State Park in late October. The next visual coaching course will be held in 2020. Early bird registration (available until the end of August) is $400. After September, registration is $475.

Lodge and cabin rooms are available at the park, but rooms sell out quickly. We suggest you make your hotel reservations early to assure that you get a room. There are also accommodations near the park in either Oglesby or LaSalle, IL.


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