Not your typical classroom.

Aligned Action Short Courses

What to expect:

You’ll investigate your own habits and preferences.

You’ll develop strategies to make an ally of your internal thoughts.

You’ll make decisions and choose directions.

You won’t simply collect information, you’ll go on to actively think.

And we will laugh, I can guarantee that.

What’s different:

Participants will start by choosing ten to twelve exercises from a collection of over 30. In this way, they will design their own curriculum. The classroom won’t be total chaos. We’ll agree on time frames, we’ll do coaching in pairs and have question and answer time, but each participant will concentrate on what is relevant to them. As a participant, you may choose to focus on current decisions, long term goals, crazy visions, daily habits, or any topic that is important to you.

What you’ll leave with:

New tools to help you think in specific ways.

A greater awareness of how you think, and options for how to evolve your thought in the future.

Each course is three days long, and participants can earn 24 hours of ICF Continuing Coach Education (CCE) credit. Courses are held once a year in Illinois and Europe. See the course page for dates and details.

Current Courses:

Visual Coaching

Actor for Life

Jan Elfline

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