The recipes are like games for you to play, with procedures that encourage you to put your own ingredients together.

About the Resources

The Exercises, Templates and Checklists are for you to use.

Feel free to adapt any exercises or refer to checklists or templates when you work with clients or groups. Exercises are typically step by step processes. Checklists are categories in list form, and most templates are graphics, grids or visual maps.

For more about coaching concepts, philosophy, etc., see stories.

Exercises are mental explorations we engage in. I describe them as “daydream workouts.” A process invites you to take a little excursion into your own world of thought. You investigate a question from different angles. You discover more and more about the environment you have constructed and that you live in; the world inside your head.

As with any workout, you bend and stretch and strengthen. Daydream workouts can be completed anytime, anywhere. No special equipment is required. You work out in the privacy of your own mind, so nobody is watching and there are no expectations. Freedom.

When you work out as a regular habit, you tend to your emotional, mental and spiritual health. After a workout, people are often inspired, entertained, motivated, or amused. Exercises bring clarity to your thinking, but that’s not why most people keep choosing to do daily or weekly workouts. We keep doing them because they’re fun; they invite multiple perspectives; they take us to alternate universes.

Checklists and templates are general reference handouts. All these tools can be used in a variety of ways, e.g., to demonstrate a concept, to collect information, to design actions, etc. You will probably find uses I haven’t even thought of. Please feel free to invent with any of this raw material.

See Excercises, Templates and Checklists

Jan Elfline

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