The recipes are like games for you to play, with procedures that encourage you to put your own ingredients together.

About the Exercises

These daydream workouts are meant to guide you on little excursions into your own world of thought.

As with any workout, you will be asked to bend and stretch and strengthen. Over time, you will build endurance and flexibility. The difference between a daydream workout and a physical workout is that in one you build muscle, in the other you refine your thinking skills.

The exercises are written as a recipe for an experience. You follow the steps and use the ingredients suggested (bits of memory or knowledge.) But these are unlike cooking recipes. You want a cooking recipe to come out the same every time, for anyone who uses it. In these experience recipes, the result will be different for each chef, and will probably be different for the same chef at different times.

The procedures encourage you to put different ingredients together, just to try them out. These are things like your experience and knowledge, your natural talents or preferences, and your aspirations. It is impossible to imagine the variety of concoctions that can come from a single recipe, a “what if you think about it like this?” opportunity.

Daydream workouts can be completed anytime, anywhere. You work out in the privacy of your own mind, so nobody is watching you or expecting to see a result. The only pressure is the fuel of your own desire. They require no special equipment or previous experience, though over time they easier at one level, and more complex at another.

Who owns an idea?

If you decide to download any of the exercises in PDF form you will see an imprint at the bottom of each page. It looks like a copyright symbol, but it has an A instead of a C in the middle of it. The symbol stands for “Abscond with it.” Take anything you find here. Use it however you wish. Credit me, or not. I would rather have you use something than not use it because you can’t remember where it came from, or don’t have time to look it up. Where I have identified a source, please reprint the attribution as is, but for anything else, make something better of it, more suitable for you or your audience.

Just to make it official, I hereby verify that permission to commit heresy with these sacred words has been freely given by me, Jan Elfline. Phew, that’s so much easier than “what’s mine, not yours”, eh?

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