Not Knowing

I was preparing for a coaching conference in London and I found myself, yet again, attempting to articulate both the attitude and the skill set of masterful coaching. It seems like that quest always sends me back to not knowing. Then an advertisement came to mind, a sure sell. I could put it in the conference brochure as an insert.

Not Knowing Certification.
All you have ever wanted to not know in one course.

The ad would weed out any serious information junkies. The text and workbook would be blank. I could issue a stopwatch and have timed exercises in which the student strives to know less and less as the session continues.

If we were in some science fiction future, there would be mid-term and final cranial examinations to assess percentages in our brains — judgment space vs open curious not knowing space.  Like the current craze for %  body fat, there would be a lean version not knowing brain that people would strive for, and then take pride in achieving.  But oops, that slips into judgment space, doesn’t it? Tricky….


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Jan Elfline

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